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Road Rage - A Horror Drabble

Below is a drabble (100-word story) I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

Photo: Bim/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“Road Rage”

By Kevin Hopson

Liam was angry. The driver of a semi-trailer truck had cut him off on the highway, so he followed the truck to a remote rest stop. Liam made his way over to the truck. He knelt next to one of the tires and pulled the car keys from his pocket. A bang inside the trailer caused him to flinch.

“Help me,” a muffled voice said.

Liam stood.

“There’s a reason I cut people off,” a voice said from behind.

Liam turned. It was the driver. With a knife in hand.

“Their road rage makes them easy prey,” the driver said.

© 2021 Kevin Hopson


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