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Exciting New Series!

I’ve been hard at work and have some exciting news to share. This was all inspired by some premade covers by Jeffrey Kosh. When I saw the alien cover, I immediately thought of a story for it. And the crazy idea for a series blossomed from there. One would expect some humor with these stories, which you’ll find, but I didn’t go overboard with the comedy. In fact, I take a somewhat serious tone with the books. They’re a mix of crime, sci-fi, and horror. Martians vs The Mob will release on July 25, and The Monster vs The Mob will release on October 31 (perfect for Halloween). I’m also brainstorming a third book in the series.

Martians vs The Mob

It’s been months since Martians landed on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, setting down in a town called Hatstead. They claimed to have come in peace and, given their small numbers, the U.S. government didn’t deem them a threat. As a result, the Martians were allowed to inhabit a deserted barrier island off the coast, and they’ve kept to themselves ever since. However, when the daughter of a local mob boss is harassed by a group of Martians, things quickly take a turn for the worse. And the mob won’t let their actions go unpunished.

The Monster vs The Mob

Levi Metzger is the newest resident of Hatstead, and he’s brought along a friend. However, not everyone is welcoming of Levi, including Vincent Rigoni, a local mob boss. When Levi starts stealing business from him, Vincent definitely takes notice. But when Levi makes it personal, Vincent has no choice but to retaliate. And no one hits back like the mob.


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