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Detective Stewart Series

My new kid-friendly crime fiction series will make its debut in February 2022. I have two stories from this series that will be included in an animal sleuth anthology next spring (published by Raven & Drake Books), but I am also self-publishing a collection of other stories in the series. Triple Dose will include three short stories - Frisky, The Burning Candle, and Spurred.


When a sidewalk display at The Grand Garden Flower Shop is ruined, Robbie is called to the scene to investigate. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses to the alleged crime. But with the help of his fellow officers, Robbie is determined to solve the case, and he'll follow the smallest of leads in order to find the culprit.

“The Burning Candle”

After a fire erupts at The Broken Star Candle Company, a fire investigator can’t determine if the blaze was truly an accident. With foul play a possibility and suspicion growing, Robbie is asked to assist with the case. But Robbie will be shocked with the answers he finds.


Robbie’s friend, Heath, owns a pawn shop, and there’s one particular customer that Heath doesn’t care for. When Heath refuses to sell one of his prized possessions to him, the customer leaves the store angry, and Heath falls ill shortly after. Believing the customer poisoned him, Heath asks for Robbie’s help in proving it.


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