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"Well Done" - A Drabble

Despite these difficult times, I've attempted to keep a normal routine. That includes writing. Here's a drabble I recently wrote, which uses characters from The Emperor's Guard series. This one strays a little from the series, though. It has more of a high fantasy feel rather than the light fantasy I typically go for with the series. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

“Well Done”

“Look at this meat,” the Emperor said.

Asgall sat diagonal to him, eyeing the burnt flesh.

“Would you mind talking to the cook?” the Emperor asked.

As Commander of the Guard, Asgall wasn’t accustomed to such requests. “Me, Your Highness?”

“It’s become a pattern of late. He’s ignored my words, but perhaps he’ll listen to you.”

Asgall nodded, got to his feet, and entered the kitchen, the cook unaware of his presence. Asgall’s eyes bulged as something flowed from the chef’s mouth. He swiftly returned to the table.

“It’s obvious, Your Highness. Your cook is a fire-breathing dragon in disguise.”

© 2020 Kevin Hopson

Photo courtesy of Julos at CanStockPhoto.

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