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First Story Arc Completed

As I mentioned last month, the second volume in The Emperor's Guard Series, Hunting Glory, is coming soon. In fact, it's scheduled for release on March 31. While I've been prepping for its release, I have also been writing, and I'm excited to announce that the third book in the series will follow in late spring (June 2). In Traitor's Mark, readers will be reunited with some old characters and meet a few new ones along the way. Best of all, the women take center stage in this finale to the three-part story arc. Below is a book blurb and cover.

“Asgall, Commander of the Emperor’s Guard, has faced everything from coups to curses. But when the newest member of the Guard, a woman named Caitlyn, learns that someone in Southwallow is looking to obtain a rare and extremely dangerous item on the black market, Asgall finds himself in the biggest battle yet. That’s because this item possesses the power to take down the Emperor, the city of Southwallow, and maybe even the entire continent.”

Traitor’s Mark brings together the first two story lines in The Emperor’s Guard Series. However, like the prior installments, Traitor’s Mark also acts as a standalone story. If you’re a fan of light fantasy and enjoy medieval or Gaslamp settings, give it a try.

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