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Back to Fantasy - The Emperor's Guard Series Continues in 2020

The past few months have been spent creating new material for my Jacob Schmidt (PI/Crime) series, and the latest three installments are all available for free through Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Nobles, and other online retailers.

However, I've been itching to do some fantasy, and I'm wrapping up a novelette that will hopefully see a release in late winter/early spring. Below is a synopsis of the book and a cover courtesy of Sleepy Fox Studio.

"Murder, treason, and a masked man. It’s another typical day in the city of Southwallow, at least for Asgall, Commander of the Emperor’s Guard. A man referred to as Glory, a decorated soldier who is long retired, appears to be at the root of the problems, and he’s not worried about letting it be known. In fact, he seems to covet the attention. But that mentality raises suspicion with Asgall. As he and other members of the Guard attempt to hunt down Glory, he can’t help but wonder one thing. Are they hunting a man? Or a ghost?"

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