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Free Series Coming Soon

So, I finally have some news to share. I've been feeding my urge to write lately. Four stories done and another one I'm close to starting. All of these stories are part of a series I'm writing. They're an extension of my Jacob Schmidt (crime/private investigator) series. They range from two thousand words to five thousand words, which is why they'll be called Jacob Schmidt Short Reads. Each story will be present a new standalone case for Jacob, and I plan to make the series free through as many distribution channels as possible. I hope to provide another update soon, but here are blurbs and covers for the first two stories.

Eyes on the Prize – When a local insurance company hires Jacob to look into a disability case, things take an unexpected turn, and Jacob finds himself in a precarious situation.

Broken Inside – Jacob has handled infidelity cases before. However, when a woman approaches him with suspicions of her husband, Jacob has to determine whether it’s a case of paranoia or something more.

Jacob Schmidt Short Reads are standalone stories (roughly 2,000 to 5,000 words in length) based on the main character from Kevin Hopson’s crime fiction series. Each story involves a new case and can be read in as little as ten to twenty minutes.

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