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A Unique Story Format - The Resurrected

Over the last several months, I've written everything from "drabble" stories (100-word stories) to longer works like short stories and novelettes. One recurring theme among many of these stories has been the characters. Ever since I introduced Asgall to my fantasy world a few months ago, I've become somewhat obsessed with him. What started out as a drabble story quickly turned into something with much more substance. It's called The Resurrected and, though I don't have an official release date yet, I'm aiming for spring of this year. Below is the lovely cover (created by Design Stash), a blurb for the story, and a trailer, which includes professional voice-over narration, video clips, and music.

"It’s been months since the attempted coup on the Emperor. As Commander of the Emperor’s Guard, the events remain fresh in Asgall’s mind. He and other faithful members of the Guard were victorious against the mutiny, but Asgall was forced to take lives, some of them close friends of his.

Asgall hoped all of the defectors, also known as the Resurrected, had been chased from Southwallow, but when one of them attacks a civilian inside the city’s walls, he realizes that the group isn’t content living a secluded life. Instead, they’re turning bolder, and they won’t be satisfied until the Emperor has fallen.

This short story contains sixty-three 100-word passages. Some passages act as separate scenes while others act as extensions of prior scenes. It was done in homage to Grant Faulkner, one of the modern-day masters of the 100-word story. While readers might consider it an outline of a longer work, and rightfully so, The Resurrected is a fast-paced story where every word fights to be included."

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