Cover Reveal for Tomorrow's Affliction

I wrote a western story, Tomorrow's Affliction, back in 2016 and never really did anything with it. However, I'm starting to dust off some of my old manuscripts (ones that never saw the light of day) and this is one of them. Tomorrow's Affliction is a story I really like. It's kind of a weird western with paranormal/supernatural elements to it. Below is a summary of the book along with the new cover. Cover art was done by John Harley Dela Cruz. Cover design by Jeffrey Kosh Graphics. It should be available later this spring.

"Vera is a widow, her husband recently passing in a fire. Though the people of Graypoint believe his death was an accident, Vera isn’t so sure. Seeking answers, she puts her faith in a myth and sets out on a journey to Knasent Rise. However, a teenage boy is following her, and his intentions are unclear. Vera will have to be cautious of the youngster while enduring harsh lands along the way. But a storm is approaching. One that could ultimately lead to her demise."

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