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A Unique Crossover Book

I've had an idea in my head for months now, and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. The idea involved combining characters from two separate series of mine. I've actually done this before. Pursuing the Dead, a crossover sequel to The Landfill, should see publication this year, and the characters come from different books, albeit similar genres. What makes my new idea unique is that the characters literally come from different worlds. I had doubts about it working, but I'm happy to say that my experiment was a success, at least in my mind.

I managed to bring a former police officer turned private investigator, Jacob Schmidt, into a fantasy world filled with dwarfs, gnomes, giants, wizards, and everything else imaginable. The novelette is called Brinewood, and it's a fantasy mystery (for lack of a better description). Below is an image of the cover along with a description of the book.

"When a wizard named Fremonar accidentally opens a portal to his world, private investigator Jacob Schmidt is thrust into it. Though the gateway closes before Jacob can return to Earth, Fremonar assures Jacob that he can send him back, but it will take a few days. Fremonar needs to regain full strength before attempting such a feat.

In the meantime, Fremonar has a problem. His brother Ikalis recently passed, and the wizard has a suspicion that he was murdered. As he learns more about Jacob, Fremonar asks for the stranger’s help. Jacob ultimately accepts the wizard’s proposition, but he hasn’t a clue what awaits him. All he knows is that two dwarfs will be accompanying him on his journey to Brinewood, and maybe even a pesky gnome when all is said and done. Unfortunately for Jacob, his allies might end up doing him more harm than good."

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