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Two New Stories Tied to My Vargrom Series

I'm excited to announce that two new stories of mine, both of which are tied to my Vargrom series, have been accepted for publication by different anthologies. Stairway to Perdition is a sequel of sorts to The Cleanser and touches on my Serell character from the book. This story will be included in the "Autumn Harvest" anthology by Fantasia Divinity Magazine and is due out later this year.

The other story, Champion Cleaver, has been accepted by WolfSinger Publications. This story tells the tale of Modrad's battle axe (the main character/dwarf in my Vargrom series) and how it got its name. I had some art done for the story (provided below). Though it might give the impression of being tragic, it's actually an entertaining, and sometimes humorous, tale.

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