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A Book Club For Your Characters

What if characters from your book(s) decided to join a book club? Here's what a fantasy book club would look like with three characters from my young adult fantasy novella, The Fire King.

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / sharpner

“It’s blasphemy,” Hirador snorted, puffs of smoke flowing from the red dragon’s nostrils.

“It’s only a book,” Modrad said. He sat on a boulder, the desert sun warming his face.

“But why must it show us dragons in such a negative light?” he said.

Modrad glanced down at the book. The Hobbit. It was the monthly selection for their book club.

“You shouldn’t take it so seriously,” Camila chimed in. Sitting atop a large rock with a strand of chestnut hair wrapped around her finger, she gazed down at the the book in her lap.

“Easy for you to say,” Hirador said.

“We’re all friends,” Modrad commented.

“Exactly,” the red dragon replied, “which only proves my point.”

Modrad scratched his head. “You have to admit that some dragons, especially fire-breathers like you, do have a history of violence.”

“And dwarfs don’t?”

Hirador made a good argument.

“Of course,” Modrad said. “In fact, our two races have battled many times.”

“Clearly,” Hirador said,” but why is it that we’re continuously portrayed as the aggressors? It seems you dwarfs are always acting in self-defense. Never the other way around.”

Modrad shrugged. “If it’s any consolation, Thorin Oakenshield, even as leader of the dwarfs, made many mistakes during his journey.”

“But he’s still considered a hero in the end,” Hirador said.

“You’re one of my heroes,” Camila said, smiling at the red dragon.

Hirador dipped his head in appreciation. “I thank you for that.”

“Can we discuss the pros and cons of the book?” she said.

Modrad nodded, and Hirador followed suit, but not without hesitation.

“I think Bilbo’s personal growth is one of the book’s greatest strengths,” Camila said.

“As well as Thorin’s ability to overcome adversity,” Modrad said.

He looked at Hirador. The red dragon contemplated.

“While I don't believe Smaug represents the majority of dragons when it comes to his actions, some of the dwarfs got what they deserved.” Hirador paused. “I do take comfort in that.”

Modrad watched as Camila rolled her eyes.

“Cons?” she said.

“You know mine,” Hirador replied.

“Needless to say,” she murmured. “My only grievance is the simplified plot. I know it was written for a younger audience, but I would have liked to see some deeper meaning to it.”

“I believe the fight with Smaug could have been longer,” Modrad said. “With so much build up, it deserved more attention.”

Hirador grinned.

“So, would you recommend the book to others?” Camila said.

“Yes,” Modrad answered.

“As would I,” she said.

Hirador took a deep breath. “Perhaps.”

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