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An Interview with Hirador

Hirador, a red dragon in my young adult fantasy novella The Fire King, agreed to do an interview. He discusses his family, The Fire King, and what's next for him. However, if you haven't interviewed a red dragon before, please don't try this at home.

INTERVIEWER: I’m joined today by Hirador, a red dragon who makes his fictional debut in Kevin Hopson’s The Fire King. Welcome.

HIRADOR: Thank you, assuming you are truly sincere in welcoming me.


HIRADOR: Very well then.

INTERVIEWER: Let’s discuss your family first. You have a brother and a sister. Tell me about them.

HIRADOR: My brother’s name is Tulvir. He is a green dragon with special powers.

INTERVIEWER: What kind of powers?

HIRADOR: He possesses magical abilities, but his strength comes from Oabrora’s sun.

INTERVIEWER: In The Fire King, your planet succumbs to a perpetual winter, so sunlight must be scarce.

HIRADOR: It is, and Tulvir’s abilities are hindered greatly because of it.

INTERVIEWER: And what about your sister, Mianth?

HIRADOR: Like our departed mother, she is a blue dragon.

INTERVIEWER: Does she possess powers, too?

HIRADOR: No, but she is wise and courageous. What she lacks in strength she makes up for with tenacity. (Pauses) It is why my brother and I look up to her. I don’t always agree with my sister, but I respect her decisions and follow her guidance.

INTERVIEWER: And what kind of dragon are you?

HIRADOR: As you are already aware, I am a red, fire-breathing dragon. What else would you like to know?

INTERVIEWER: I’ve heard you can be hostile. Is this—

HIRADOR: Hostile? Who did you hear this from? I demand to know their name.


HIRADOR: (Puffs his chest) Perhaps I should set you ablaze. Is that what you desire?

INTERVIEWER: No. Definitely not.

HIRADOR: Then I suggest you hold your tongue.

INTERVIEWER: (Breathes heavily)

HIRADOR: You may proceed to the next question.

INTERVIEWER: (Tries to calm himself) If you wish.


INTERVIEWER: (Takes a few more seconds to recover) Though The Fire King ties up some loose ends, other matters are left unresolved. There’s rumor that Kevin will be writing a sequel to it. If so, will you return as a major character?

HIRADOR: If Kevin cares for his life, he will make certain of it. Otherwise, I will burn him on the spot. (Pauses) To be honest, this interview is starting to enrage me.

INTERVIEWER: Please be calm. There’s no need to get angry.

HIRADOR: (Growls)

INTERVIEWER: (Motions to the bouncers on the set. Several Minotaurs emerge)

HIRADOR: Unhand me, you fools! (Flexes his chest and releases a stream of fire)

INTERVIEWER: Cut the feed!

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